Last scraps

I’ve made a lot (a LOT) of baby quilts over the past year or so, owing to the fecundity of my friends, & have ended up with dozens of tiny pieces of my favourite 1930s prints – too small for anything much other than cover buttons, and there’s a limit to how many of those anyone needs.

I couldn’t bear to part with all these little bits, so I designed a 9-patch variation quilt to use them all up. The predominant shades were blues & mauves, with some pink & orange, so I found light and darker blue fabrics to offset the pieces and give some visual impact. There’s lots of soft calico in there, too.

It turned out to be more of a marathon than a sprint, as all the little bits took a while to sew. Because I was using scraps, of course I couldn’t use any of the short-cut sewing methods I love (thank you Eleanor Burns and Jody Barrows for your continuing inspiration).

The quilting is an optical illusion – looks like circles, but it’s actually a short-cut technique. I’m experimenting, too, with straight-line quilting that begins & ends in the same place – cutting right down on the number of stray thread ends to sew in. Result!

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