Rob Ryan bag from Clothkits – & sewing roll

I bought a set of mugs designed by Rob Ryan from Clothkits ( as a wedding gift for friends of my daughter. I got the Rob Ryan bag kit, too – as a carrier for the wrapped present & card. The bag was most enjoyable to make up, and I added a couple of changes to make it unique – a different lining: red polka dot – and a tiny pocket made from the Rob Ryan logo on the kit fabric.

The bag kit came wrapped in a delightful ribbon, printed as a tape measure.

It was demanding to be used, so I came up with this sewing roll design. The outer fabric is a Three Leopards wax print from The African Fabric Shop ( – the reverse side is shown here.

I carried the dotted leaf motif through into the design for the felt pin-cushion in the interior. The Clothkits ribbon is used as a wrap-around tie & I couldn’t resist making a few accessories: a needlecase, scissors sheath and another tape measure.

Thank you, Clothkits!

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